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I’m like a pirate ship that goes drifting the seas of life, aimlessly, without a safe harbor to dock. Captain is my lonely heart, following looking for stories to smile, live and dream without knowing exactly what is right, maybe trying to get rid of the curse that is loneliness, but still following …

The long circuit to accelerate, full of power my heart to vibrate. Exploring the chicanes of my life, always sure to win this race. Living intensely every thousandth time, this wonderful and mind-blowing moment. At the podium is the first seeking my great true love …
You missed the beginning.
You took aim at my heart,
made me cry tears rubies, but is forgiven.
Why, for it pains me pour them, I know I’m safe at his side. And as you walked lost, and found me.
He saved not only himself, but also my heart, infinite solitude.

Enjoy these hand-picked cute quotes for her and touch his soul with your words!

And if that kiss on the cheek one day intertwine our lips?
And if that loving embrace one day stripping our clothes and put our bodies in a warm moment of pleasure?
And if that like suddenly turn passion?
Then do some cleaning in our hearts, and give one more chance to be happy and enjoy every moment.

cute quotes for her

When involved in boredom,
follows night in the summer,
and on the sleeping flowers
no dew drops
in caresses,
just dead hours
suffocated by the heat,
but the song of life never stops
and neither could pause,
when it goes in the heart
it is love
‘s sweet dream,
is a not want to
wake up

I do not need to leave carnival singing, jumping and showing happiness, and not (should) need Christmas to demonstrate solidarity and love of neighbor … wanted the day came when we had scheduled to expose our feelings … thus we would be less slaves of our society and more obedient to our hearts

And time makes you forget people, moments and the reasons why we fought for them, but in the end show that were leaves in the wind and the reason was just in our mind and also shows other ways … so is the time … time shows us the fire in the heart of each.

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The mind has enormous power.
When you want much one thing, but really want.
Just think positive and be determined.
Contending, running back and believe.
With faith, strength and attitude everything is possible.
Just make it happen.
Will the heart ., mind and body in focus
You can! free Thought | Cable,

The heart I will follow mine, and he sends me, because when I stopped following him, died, lived dead, the kiss of life. I follow my heart, I followed him up to death.
Empty highway as if listening to heart if he is mute and beauty as it follows the reason If the heart she’s stuck O great darkness That my eyes covers may not be noble Worthy of a truce following this road My dream goes Unsure walking maybe get somewhere.

The purpose of Lent is not only atonement to satisfy divine justice; It is mainly a preparation to rejoice in his love. And that preparation is to receive the gift of mercy – gift we receive as we open our hearts to him, throwing out what cannot stay with mercy.

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