This world is a small place to be in. Everyone at least once in his life must have met someone unknowingly, without any reference may be at a party or a function. There are many instances when you can have a nice and pleasant conversation with someone unfamiliar. You may be surprised to meet an unknown person at an unusual place who may be residing near you or even in your locality. Such pleasant Casual encounters lay the foundation of the relationship between both or in some cases among the members a group or community. Sometimes these relationships are short-lived but end up in a lifetime experience for some people.

Places for a casual encounter

No one can predict where and when you will meet someone with whom you will share your experiences. It could be anywhere, maybe at a party or at the workplace. It may sound silly but you can experience casual encounter while traveling on a train, bus, cab, flights or even on public roads. Literally, it can happen to you anywhere, anytime.

Places for a casual encounter

Rules to let your casual encounters fall in the right place

Few rules to transform your casual encounter in a lifelong experience are:

  • Be kind and respectful- Doesn’t matter whether you will see that person again or not, just show some kindness and respect.
  • Be honest- You may be asked about your phone number. Don’t fake phone numbers. Just deny that person.
  • Always try to be a good host or guest- Even if you are not dating or going to marry that person, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be attending that person nicely.

Online casual encounters

Are you looking for a girlfriend or a boyfriend? This may sound absurd but these things have become common nowadays. There are numerous websites and mobile applications which offer you to meet someone of your choice. Just go through their respective profiles, chat with them online and then maybe, if you want to meet them in person, just go for it.